Firefly Readings

The Firefly was my first power animal, when I most needed to get back in touch with my childlike curiosity, wonder and imagination. There are over 2,000 species of fireflies in a multitude of sizes and colors and twinkling patterns that help them find their tribe of overall safety. Since you’ve found us in this gigantic online world, welcome my dearest quantum light being!

Here’s what you can expect in your reading with me. I will consult with your guides and angels as to what they want you to know and then we can explore your past lives and Akashic records.

What is an Akashic Records Reading?

Your Akashic reading will take a look at the unique blueprint of the birth of your soul, your life purpose and the journey your soul has travelled and the contracts your soul has made to fulfill its highest intent. Embedded in your soul’s journeys are past lives that add context to where you at today and what you may be facing in situations, relationships, thoughts, emotions, actions and circumstances. Understanding the story can help shine a light on your karmic agreements to help you heal and resolve your current issues and move forward on your path today. 

Bring in a current question or challenge and we’ll find out what your guides and angels want for you to know for gaining clarity, confirmation, and karmic agreements. Common topics may be: 

  •             Love, relationships, twin flames, soul mates
  •             Career, success, prosperity 
  •             Health, wellness, happiness 
  •             Next step, life path, life purpose

The blueprint of your soul is as unique and precious as your fingerprint. Thank you for the honor of sharing it with me.

About me

I’ve had clairvoyant access to the other side since I was a child. As an identical twin, my psychic ability was nurtured and honored so I developed an ease of going back and forth behind the veil. I was also raised by a channeler, who taught this work to some of the earlier followers. As a child/teen I was not aware of the teachings but I lived in the energy when followers would move into our house for months at a time for nightly channeling.

As an adult I read everything I could get my hands on, taken hundreds of hours of classes on nearly every psychic topic I could find including Communicating with the Angels, Mediumship, Medical Intuition, and Accessing Psychic Abilities with the esteemed Rev Monet Brooks, Shamanism and Power Animals with the brilliant Sandra Ingerman, The Hathors, The Whales and Crystal Bowl healing with the prodigious Tom Kenyon, Quantum Healing and Planet, Water, Soul and Spirit with the amazing Mia den Haan, Persona Healing Work with the charming Christal Hughes, countless web seminars with one of the world’s brightest lights, Matt Kahn, and so many more. 

 In my early thirties and after being an established corporate marketing professional, I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) While in the light, I was told I was to begin teaching others about how to live a spiritual life, which I misconstrued as being asked to be an intrusive bible-thumping, tin-foiled-hat crazy lady. With due respect, I refused to do it but I continued reading books, taking classes, doing readings and researching everything I could digest while practicing and honing my clairvoyant abilities.

Later, I chose to open my own PR firm and became an award-winning corporate publicist with a long list of esteemed clients and high-end placements. After extreme burnout, I experienced my second NDE but this time I asked a much higher quality question, “What would my life look like should I accept my life path?” My guides and angels showed me this one, so on went the tin foil hat and up went the psychic satellite. 

Today, I’m fulfilling my life purpose, transposing some channeled work to share. I book readings and will also be offering free information and building community at Firefly Files on YouTube. I can be reached at [email protected].

Love, Light and Blessings,
Karin Lynn Tobiason



My reading with Karin Tobiason was phenomenal. The information and details she gave me were shocking in their relevance and specificity. During our hour, I took five pages of notes because the knowledge she offered was accurate and pertained greatly to how I live my life. I didn’t want to forget a word! She instantly zeroed in on anxieties and beliefs that hold me back. Through her guides, she conveyed that these worries were not only superficial but were keeping me from achieving my goals and purpose in life. Everything Karin expressed to me struck a chord of absolute sense and truth. I hung up knowing so much more about myself (past, present, and future!) and having a greater understanding of my loved ones. For the first time in a long time, I feel genuinely uplifted and confident about the future. I would recommend Karin’s insight and compassion to anyone.

Leigh M.

“Answered so many questions”

My reading with Karin answered so many questions I’ve had about my life—things I’d been wondering about for years. One thing I learned was why I’ve had such resistance to promoting my business and making it a big success. Unlocking the old reasons behind that resistance has given me the self-compassion and courage to grow past it. I’ve also let go of my fear of finding new love.

The reading was a beautiful experience that’s proven very healing for me. Learning the truth is a powerful thing, and I definitely recommend it. And, if you find yourself in a repeated pattern of getting stuck or sabotaging yourself, I recommend it even more.

Cara S.

“All my life I’ve wondered…”

As an adoptee, I’ve always been curious to find out more about my karmic relationships and agreements with my birth parents and the family that raised me. There were things that you said that 100% resonated with my memories and with my thoughts. What was equally interesting to me were the things you said about my birth mother that I hadn’t ever said to another soul.  All of my life I’ve wondered and ‘imagined’ what she might be like or what she might have gone through to have to give me up to the State. It was a very touching surprise to feel how you were able to share her deep feelings and longings for what she hoped for me as she faced giving me up,  and how her desire for me to “have a ring” helped lead me to be adopted by a family of jewelers!  Another thing you couldn’t know was that my adopted mother wrote in a diary (that I only got to see once) that when she and my father met me it was obvious that there was already a connection between my father and I!!

So Thank YOU for being willing to do this work that can bring such peace to mind and heart!   I look forward to more Akashic connections with you!

Lynn S.

“Very excited about my future”

While reading my Akashic records, Karin’s guidance and calm demeanor helped me to understand the reading and what messages were coming through. I’m very excited about my future, and am so glad I went on this journey with Karin at my side. I do feel that she’s given me clear guidance to what will happen in the future.

Cat L.

“A blueprint for the future”

Recently, I had a reading from Karin Tobiason. My question to her was about future employment. In the reading, she outlined a step-by-step path to guide me from my current part-time job to self-employment. It was exciting to learn that I would be able to continue to support myself financially as I age. Her skill and insight provided me with a blueprint for the future. I am so grateful to her for this window of opportunity.

Nancy C.

“I felt very safe and supported”

I had always been hesitant to have any kind of readings done… but Karin’s soothing and gentle nature put me right at ease from the start. Her conveyance of information through the whole experience was very fluid and easy to digest. I felt very safe and supported throughout. Some of the information was very profound for me, and other aspects intriguing. Nearly all of it resonated so strongly, I am still processing. It is cliche to say, but I did laugh, and I did cry – with relief-filled tears from gaining long-elusive understanding of key relationships in my life. I am so grateful for Karin’s facilitation and service in my journey of connectivity and growth!

Carla C.

“I’ve been thinking of the reading for many days after…”

What a tremendous blessing it was to have Karin Tobiason open my Akashic records and read for me. Gently, respectfully, kindly, she spoke on behalf of my guides to reveal the reasons for some of my most frustrating behaviors and fears. I felt utterly cared for and nurtured on this journey with her. She offered assurance and validation at every step, making me feel honored with her requests for my permission before accessing the records or bringing up certain subjects. She left me with actionable items requested by what felt like a deep nudging from my soul. I took copious notes! I have been thinking of the reading for many days after, and I know I have much still to learn from what was revealed. Thank you, Karin.

Lora R.

“…like hearing encouraging words from a mystical fairy godmother.”

I am still glowing after my reading yesterday from Karin. The akashic reading I just had from her blew my mind, affirmed my intuition, and softened my heart, while I can also feel it inspiring new visions, actions, and movements in my life. I am so thankful for Karin’s time, energy, and openness, and I am so thankful for the information she channeled for me which has allowed my heart to open and strengthen…especially in regards to some of my life’s most troubling relationships and circumstances. Listening to Karin is like hearing encouraging words from a mystical fairy godmother. A list of loved ones I want to refer her to continues to grow!

Ruby S.

“I am at ease and at peace with myself”

Words couldn’t describe how much you helped me. I mean they could but they couldn’t measure up to the love I feel. You are a blessing and never doubt that I’m thankful for your help and all you’ve done for me. I am at ease and at peace with myself and I am protected and guided with my angels. I shine light without fear now and now, more than ever- I am.

Alex C.

“Personal and profound”

I had a reading with this incredible woman. Her reading resonated with me in many ways. I constantly found myself saying to myself “wow !” Really knew the difficulties I have as a person trying to navigate myself towards my higher self. She brought up the tweaks that I need to integrate in order to be who I am meant to be. The connection was palpable and I really felt connected to her. Her psychic abilities are highly tuned and have a laser focus. The reading was very personal and profound I my felt as if she had known me my whole life. After the reading I felt very motivated and energized and felt full of purpose. I will be contacting her again soon.

Cesar A.

“A true seer”

Karin is a true seer. The ease at which she speaks to our souls, the clarity to which she responds to our inquiry, and the joy she sparks at opening up our Akashic records to bring us warmth, truth, and love from the Universe. The experience was like no other, with so many confirmations and so many instances of deep reflections. I highly recommend her work!

Ruth S.

“Loved my reading”

Loved my reading. My experience with Karin was very fascinating. She had information that helped me understand questions I had about my life. Her nature of being is loving. I would recommend her to anyone open to expanding the understanding of themselves.

Lupe B.


Karin was amazing.  She read me very accurately and went over so much.  She was so kind, allowing for questions and taking time with me.  Thank you so much, Karin!

Elizabeth C.

“So insightful!”

Karin is SO INSIGHTFUL. She is truly gifted. I loved that at the beginning of the reading she reviewed her gifts and connected them with mine. She is led by Spirit. She looked into the Akashic records and told me about my past lives and the intersections of my soul and the people I am around. She gave me an abundance of advice and picked up on things she would have never been able to know without divine guidance. I am so grateful to Karin for sharing her gift with me and bringing me so much peace.

Milly B.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better reading!”

I enjoyed my reading with Karin as she’s very patient, eager to help, has a calm demeanor, allows you to ask questions and her reading was very thorough – I couldn’t have asked for a better reading! – thank you for everything Karin!

Marrisa R.

“I still can’t believe how stars aligned…”

You asked me if I was seeing someone when we talked. I wasn’t then, but you did mention something about a developing relationship. I literally have met someone since, who’s too good to be true. When we last spoke, I had done a reading for myself and it alluded to finding love, but I always dismiss those cause… haha… because it never seems possible for me.

It’s only been a short couple of days since we actually went on our first date. We talked for a little, and I was super nervous and almost bailed. Had I bailed I would have never met him. We spent Fri, Sat, Sun together and he wants to see me tonight.  So far things seem so beautiful. I just can’t believe it.

I still can’t believe how the stars aligned, I know it’s too soon to tell, but I’m a hopeless romantic, and I do believe in love at first sight. He’s sexy, he’s smart, he’s put together. It’s too good to be true.

Thank you, Karin!!! I hope you have some time to pencil me in again soon!! You are delightful. Love to you!

GinaAnn B.

“The most accurate reading I’ve ever received”

I love to get readings. But the tricky thing is , not all of them are accurate and not every psychic is what they’re claiming to be. But this woman,  gave me the most accurate reading I’ve ever received. She is truly gifted.  One of my favorites and I’ve been to many.

baby 3pac from Reddit