What is an Akashic Records Reading?

Your Akashic reading will take a look at the unique blueprint of the birth of your soul, your life purpose and the journey your soul has travelled and the contracts your soul has made to fulfill its highest intent. Embedded in your soul’s journeys are past lives that add context to where you at today and what you may be facing in situations, relationships, thoughts, emotions, actions and circumstances. Understanding the story can help shine a light on your karmic agreements to help you heal and resolve your current issues and move forward on your path today. 

Bring in a current question or challenge and we’ll find out what your guides and angels want for you to know for gaining clarity, confirmation, and karmic agreements. Common topics may be: 

  •             Love, relationships, twin flames, soul mates
  •             Career, success, prosperity 
  •             Health, wellness, happiness 
  •             Next step, life path, life purpose

The blueprint of your soul is as unique and precious as your fingerprint. Thank you for the honor of sharing it with me.