About Me

I’ve had clairvoyant access to the other side since I was a child. As an identical twin, my psychic ability was nurtured and honored so I developed an ease of going back and forth behind the veil. I was also raised by a channeler, who taught this work to some of the earlier followers. As a child/teen I was not aware of the teachings but I lived in the energy when followers would move into our house for months at a time for nightly channeling.

As an adult I read everything I could get my hands on, taken hundreds of hours of classes on nearly every psychic topic I could find including Communicating with the Angels, Mediumship, Medical Intuition, and Accessing Psychic Abilities with the esteemed Rev Monet Brooks, Shamanism and Power Animals with the brilliant Sandra Ingerman, The Hathors, The Whales and Crystal Bowl healing with the prodigious Tom Kenyon, Quantum Healing and Planet, Water, Soul and Spirit with the amazing Mia den Haan, Persona Healing Work with the charming Christal Hughes, countless web seminars with one of the world’s brightest lights, Matt Kahn, and so many more. 

 In my early thirties and after being an established corporate marketing professional, I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) While in the light, I was told I was to begin teaching others about how to live a spiritual life, which I misconstrued as being asked to be an intrusive bible-thumping, tin-foiled-hat crazy lady. With due respect, I refused to do it but I continued reading books, taking classes, doing readings and researching everything I could digest while practicing and honing my clairvoyant abilities.

Later, I chose to open my own PR firm and became an award-winning corporate publicist with a long list of esteemed clients and high-end placements. After extreme burnout, I experienced my second NDE but this time I asked a much higher quality question, “What would my life look like should I accept my life path?” My guides and angels showed me this one, so on went the tin foil hat and up went the psychic satellite. 

Today, I’m fulfilling my life purpose, transposing some channeled work to share. I book readings and will also be offering free information and building community at Firefly Files on YouTube. I can be reached at [email protected].

Love, Light and Blessings,
Karin Lynn Tobiason